My Boyfriend Asked Me To Lose Weight; Red Flag? | Ask Angela



My boyfriend asked me to lose weight. I laughed it off but in hindsight, it’s making me feel kind of bad. Am I being crazy and overthinking this? Or is this a red flag?


Dear BigGirl,

Are you having serious health issues related to your weight? Do you complain to him about issues that would be solved by weigh loss? Or was it just like, “I saw this girl and she was skinny and I want you to be skinny, too?”

I need more info to give you better advice, but on your own think about these two things:

  1. What was his motivation for having that convo? (to help you or to hurt you)
  2. That’s a sensitive topic, how did he approach it? (Kindly/maturely or rudely?)

If it was the latter of either of those two things, then yes, a red flag.



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My Guy Friend Has Really Bad Hygiene | Ask Angela



My best guy friend complains that girls aren’t interested in him. He even cried last night about how he can’t get a date. I’ve known many girls who have dated him and they say that he’s cool but has terrible hygiene. It doesn’t bother me because I guess I’m used to it. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but if this were a reason I wasn’t getting any dates, I’d want to know. How do you address something so personal with someone?


Dear HeStinks,

LOL Your name is so funny, I can’t even think straight.

I was going to say something like, “buy him axe deodorant spray and maybe he’ll get the hint.” But life is too short for a passive move like that. Be like, “I got some feedback on why girls don’t want to date you. They’re saying you have bad hygiene. People are serious about that so let’s get you some new body wash and cologne.”

I think if you talk to him in private and act like you’re giving him totally benign information, it won’t be a big thing and will really help him out.




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Church Lady Spanked My Daughter, What Do I Do? | Ask Angela

Photo Credit: morethanjustmontesorri.blogspot

Photo Credit: morethanjustmontesorri.blogspot

DEAR ANGELA: My 5 year old daughter told me that she was spanked by a woman I asked to babysit her (and who is also in my ward relief society.) On extreme occasions I spank my children but in no way condone anyone putting their hands on my children no matter the reason. I’m so angry and upset by this. How do I confront this woman knowing that I will have to see her every Sunday?


Dear Furious,

I think this is pretty serious. You can’t worry about that lady’s feelings and confronting her with tact. People can’t be spanking other people’s kids and feeling like it’s okay. Pray for help, say your piece and protect your daughter – that’s your priority.



Ps. For how to deal with the aftermath click here.

I Didn’t Serve A Mission, Will Mormon Women Still Date Me? | Ask Angela


Photo Credit: Google images

Dear Angela, 

I’m a decent looking guy, I attend the temple regularly, and I want to get married there. I don’t date Mormon girls though because I didn’t serve a mission and that conversation of, “Where did you serve” is always a difficult one that makes me feel regret and guilt. From your objective perspective do I have any hope of finding a Mormon woman with this “no missionary service” mark on my record?

Not an RM

Dear Not an RM, 

Yes, really the only thing probably keeping you from not finding a Mormon woman is the fact that you aren’t dating them. The past is gone, and people (most people, anyway) are really just looking for someone who will love them and help them live a better life. So you need to let go of the past and ask some sistas out. #RealTalk



How to Make New Friends


Some thoughts that keep us from making friends…don’t worry, it’ll get better! xo, Angela

In response to a question that we get pretty frequently here at the Ask Angela column, we’ll be sharing a few posts a day on how to make new friends. You can use these tips at school, work, church, hobbies, online…or in any scenario where you’re meeting new people. Try them and let us know how it goes. Have fun!