One of the most important comments from yesterday’s column

         There was some really great advice on yesterday’s article. Like I said in my response, I think this answer will ultimately come from the Lord, and that’s something so special and so beautiful about faith, right? We can trust that there is an all-knowing, all-loving being that has a vested interest in our success. It’s crazy to think about but I really believe it’s true.

Anyway, here’s a comment that really resonated with me:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 5.20.43 AMThis is an important comment because, it highlights the value of making a commitment to another person. That’s a big step in and of itself and something that is meaningful and difficult. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit, we don’t put any value on the steps we make towards our ideas of “right living,” instead we think, “Oh it’s not perfect so it’s bad,” “This is taking longer to happen,” “This isn’t how I imagined it would go…” That’s how life is sometimes, and that’s okay.

Moving in the right direction is good, too. 

Thanks for reading and commenting today, everyone!



Things Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Good (Vin Diesel Proves) | Ask Angela Truth of the Day

In the video below is the now viral video of Vin Diesel singing this Sam Smith’s hit summer song, “Stay With Me.”

The song is out of Vin’s vocal range, he cracks his voice on a lot of parts but…he sounds really good and he did it and now we are blessed to hear it.

To any of my creative / hardworking readers out there, what you’re doing is really good, even if technically it’s not. Know what I mean?

Check out the video! Great job, Torretto!

Watch here

Behind the scenes…

One day I’m going to show you guys the behind the scenes setup of an ‘Ask Angela TV’ shoot and you will just die laughing. 

For now, I’m about to post another video which I’m really excited about. So check it out, join our Facebook Community (if you haven’t already) subscribe to the Ask Angela TV youtube channel, and send me a topic that you’d like to talk about to!




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Ask Angela Weekend Picks: The Midsummer Night of Your Dreams

Woah, drop that winter coat! Summer may be halfway over, but the fun is just getting started. We’ve got your Ask Angela weekend update ready, and it’s time to plan the midsummer night of your dreams.

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What: Main Street Slip ‘n Slide. Saturday July 19, 12-7 pm. SLC. Tickets $20 and up

Why you should go: This Saturday, Salt Lake City’s Main Street will become a 1,000 foot long slip ‘n slide. If you’ve ever had to drive, bike, or walk on Main Street, you know what a wild little incline it is. Imagine how fun it’ll be to slip and slide downhill! The slide is 22 feet wide, and it ends at the bottom with a 77 foot pool.

No really, why?: With a major section of the downtown city shut down for this event, you know it’s something a lot of people will be talking about. Even if you’re not in the mood to get wet, come down for the live music, food, and friends. Post your fun pics to Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #slidethecity.

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What: TV on the Radio. Thursday July 17, gates open at 5 pm, music starts at 7 pm. Pioneer Park, 350 W 300 S, SLC. Tickets $5.

Why you should go: This is the second installment of the city’s Twilight Concert Series, bringing you great live music at a super low cost.

No really, why?: TV on the Radio has a chill, laid-back style. You’ll be bobbing your head so much it’ll practically be exercise. Check out their song, “Will Do.”


What: Panic! at the Disco. Friday July 18, 6:30 pm. Saltair, 12408 West Saltair Drive in Magna. Tickets $35.

Why you should go: Perfect Friday night date.

No really, why?: If you haven’t listened to P!ATD since your emo days as a teenager, it’s probably time to take another listen. They’ve updated their sound with new edgy instrumentals and mature, clever lyrics. Check out their song, “This is Gospel.”

What: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off film screening. Monday July 21, 8:45 pm. Gallivan Center, 239 S. Main Street, SLC. Free.

Why you should go: The Utah Film Center shows a number of free awesome films downtown throughout the year. This Bueller screening is part of their special Monday night comedy series.

No really, why?: This movie’s been quoted, celebrated, and analyzed by regular moviegoers, politicians, musicians, other movies, professional film critics, and academics of many stripes. It’s a cult classic.

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Still from Ferris Buller’s Day Off. Image from

Whatever fun you choose this weekend, here’s cheers to you as you go out and find your own midsummer night’s dream. The magic of summer is only a short ride away.

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