4 Tips for when you wake up angry


This happens to me every now and again. I’ll wake up with an onslaught of really negative thoughts: “You’re wasting your life” “Time is running out” “You’ll never be a wife or a mother” “What are you EVEN doing??”

Yeah, scary stuff.

In the past, I’ve let these thoughts completely ruin my day. Here are 4 things you can do to turn that bad mood around: 

  1. Pray and/or meditate – These thoughts might be showing up in place of something else. Are you in an unhealthy relationships? Are you feeling bad about how you’re treating a family member? Have you been less active from church and neglecting your spiritual responsibilities? Bad thoughts sometimes show up when we know we’re not doing something we’re supposed to. Spend sometime figuring out what that is.

  2. Eat something or go back to sleep – 94% of my bad moods are because I’m hungry or tired. Sometimes you just weren’t ready to get up. 

  3. Make a plan – If something is nagging you this morning, that was nagging you yesterday and the day before…you’ve got to make a plan to change it. Set a date for when thing will be different and every day do something towards that goal. 

  4. Do something for someone else – These thoughts really may just be the devil trying to bring us down. Fortify your mind by engaging in Christlike activities. The quickest way to do that is by any act of service for anyone. 


These are a few to try – what do you typically do when you wake up angry? Share in the comments and join the Ask Angela Facebook community.





Tip #29: If there has just been a snow storm, only park in the spot that you shoveled out. Anything else is so rude.


The best way to survive a blizzard is to eat a lot of food and watch a lot of Netflix. The best way to survive after a blizzard is to mind your manners – especially where automobiles are concerned.

Writing this on the off chance that my neighbor (and perhaps your neighbor needs this message too) is reading this.