So, you’re assigned to a table, and it’s super awkward…Now what?


Last night, against my better judgment and after a lot of “You’ll never meet new people in your room!” self talk, I went to the Stake Valentine’s Day activity.

My roommate (who is on the planning committee) promised that there would be “every type of pasta I could imagine”, “every type of boy I could imagine”, and “really, really great Latin dancing”. She is from Argentina so I believed her.

What she meant by really great pasta and a whole lot of boys was 1,000 boxes of Little Caesars Pizza and 7 guys age 18 -18.5.

Still, the evening was not a total bust, in fact I learned a really valuable lesson, which was: When assigned to a dinner table with complete strangers, do not be the person to sit there and stare off into space not acknowledging the people around you.

Here are some tips to avoid such a fate:

1. Make eye contact with someone and smile at him/her. (Gender doesn’t matter) If it’s a girl you at least have a friend and if it’s a boy, it’s like saying, “Yeah, I can handle awkward situations and still be really pretty.

2. Don’t try to start a conversation with the whole group, ie. “So where are you all from??” You’ll probably have to yell, and yelling is the first step to becoming that girl at any social function. Also, no one wants to be the first person to answer a directionless question, so you’ll just be sitting there, newly named the yelling girl, with no one answering your question…#suicide. And finally, you don’t really care about the answer to that question. So why risk it? #realtalk

3. Sit down next to someone, start an individual conversation with him/her.

4. Don’t try to make badum bum CHING style jokes. Just be nice and interested in him/her

5. Last tip – When you meet a 2nd person; introduce the 2nd person to the 1st person that you met. This is a WAY classy move, it helps the entire group become a more cohesive unit and gets you on your way to becoming King/Queen of the table – a goal you didn’t even know you had.

Until next time…




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