Review: Ward Talent Show

I can’t say enough positive things about this past Monday’s singles activity (FHE).

ICYMI – It was a talent show/side show activity and besides the usual walk-into-a-place-and-panic-because-you-don’t-recognize-anyone feeling that accompanies all church activities, it was fantastic.

These were the highlights:

  1. The MC referred to the leftover Halloween candy that was being served as, “mature”, “ripe”, and finally settled on “aged candies”. He proved himself to be a marketing genius! We all went from thinking the candy was going to taste like the inside of a cabinet to feeling like dessert snobs who would only take our M&Ms aged…nothing more nothing less!
  2. Polling Data Shows: A band with a trash can is more entertaining than a band without a trash can
  3. My overwhelming jealousy of the girls who did the dueling piano act. I need to steal their lives.
  4. Prediction: 90% of FHE audience went home and attempted jumping over their leg while listening to Third Eye Blind; 1% could jump over leg; 0% had Third Eye Blind CD.

And lastly,

5. Eating popcorn while someone plays a spiritual song on the piano is really hard to pull off. #slowcrunch


That’s all! Hope you got to attend – if not, there’s always next week.

Ps. I had to leave early – any highlights you would add?



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