The Bachelor “Hometown Dates” Episode Revisited


Most of us on the Ask Angela Blog team felt pretty good about this past weeks Bachelor episode – in fact, we weren’t going to cover the episode until we got this note in our in boxes:



So I just finished watching the Hometown episodes of the Bachelor – and I’m not going to recap it, you just need to watch it if you want to know what happened – but basically, if I were Catherine, I’d be like “See ya wouldn’t want to be ya, Sean!” Cause just how it was “sooooo hard” to send Des home, on the flip side that means he was not trying to keep Catherine, you know what I mean?

Also, why do they keep showing Sean doing push-ups? We don’t care!

And the pranks on this show are just terrible, you know when someone does a prank and then they say “Gotcha!” and the person who was pranked is left like “wait I still have all of these angry feelings and also this wasn’t really funny but there’s a camera on me so I better act cool so I guess it’s time for me to laugh”? Yeah, that’s what all of these pranks are.

 I don’t know. Sean running away from rose ceremonies, AshLee saying “I love you” literally every 5 seconds and describing her selfie baptism in that Canadian lake, Lindsay’s moms fake laughing, Leslie carrying that red folder to show that she was a DC politico in the very first episodes…it’s all just so dumb.

But we have to watch it or we’d die.



So now we’re wondering: what did you all think about the dates and Sean’s actions?

– The Interns



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