The 5 Things Sean Did That Were As Cold As Ice

We’re kind of sad that this season of the Bachelor is ending. For the girls sake, however, we’re happy it’s coming to a close because even though Sean is this “beefy” “family guy”, he can also be as cold as ice and we’re not sure they would have survived much more of this.

Here’s proof:

1. Making One-armed  Sarah go on a roller derby date and saying he was excited for how it was going to ” kill challenge her”.


2. Kissing Selma like this; then sending her home even after she betrayed her family for him.


3. Making all the women jump in that lake

4. Changing into bathing suits with Lindsay, then ditching Lindsay to go console Tierra, giving Tierra that night’s rose in front of all of her haters, and making Lindsay go back to the dinner table in her bathing suit.


5. Sending Robin home after he saw her fighting with Tierra, but one could argue that it was colder to keep her on the show after this happened on the first night.


Bonus # 6: This entire date

So yeah, Sean, you get the Ask Angela Blog’s “Cold As Ice Award” for February 2013! Thank your fans, and your family, and these women, but most of all — thank yourself: true ice comes from within.



ps. Did we miss anything?


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