Brandi Glanville Continues To “Win” The Real housewives Game


“Win” in quotation marks because who is really winning when everyone is screaming the B and F words and all of a sudden your dress is over your head and your one friend is doing a split and your other friend is doing a back handspring?

Right, so we’re using the term “win” very loosely here.


Brandi’s tell-all book “Drinking and Tweeting” is in talks to become a TV movie. Brandi tweeted her excitement by saying, “Omg just had a talk about turning my book into a movie! Maybe we should pitch it to Lifetime. An unromantic comedy” — making a jab at the fact that her then husband met his mistress, LeAnn Rimes, on his own Lifetime TV movie.

Congrats, Brandi! Can’t wait to watch the episode where the ladies gossip about you only owning 1% of your book!


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