Stake Conference Evening Session: The Strangest Story Ever


The session was more or less fine, more in that we found a parking spot quickly and the feeling at these events is always wonderful/peaceful, and less in that one of the speakers told a really weird story. Here it is paraphrased:

“My bishop really looked out for me and my friends when I was growing up. Because of him, we grew up to be really stand up young men. In fact, there was this one day when I was in college and I was washing my car with a friend of mine. While washing my car, this convertible with attractive girls drove up and said, ‘hey guys, do you want to go for a ride?’ We then said, “Well, where are you going?” The girls then said, ‘We’re going wherever you want — we have beer — lets go drink it.” Now when I heard them say that I looked at my friend and we both knew that they were going to do something that we didn’t want to do. So we didn’t go with them. Instead we took the bucket of our water that we were using to wash our car and poured it on them and said, “well here, have your first drink!” 


So, these girls offered them drinks and in order to show their testimonies or whatever, they poured water on the girls and in the interior of their convertible?????

It’s possible that we are getting the story wrong, so this is more of a plea for someone to please come forward with their recollection of the story — cause I just can’t believe that I’m getting it right!

Either way, another successful church singles’ activity to add to the books!




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