5 People Who Need To Chill Out

We recently wrote an article for the Deseret News where we had to tell a girl to calm down for a bit. Ever since then we’ve realized that there are soooo many people who just need to chill out.

Here’s a list of 5:

1. North Korea: “North Korea on Thursday vowed to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States…Such inflammatory rhetoric is common from North Korea.”  As a country, if your regular everyday foreign policy strategy is to “Nuke ’em” you need to chill out.


Kim Jong Un source: mashable.com

Read full story here

2. At first I thought this woman needed to chill out, but watch for 4 more seconds and it’s definitely the cop who needs to chill out. As a police officer, if you’re running around punching over dramatic women you need to chill out. (We realize this is debatable)

Full story here.

3. These soccer fans who staged a walk out when the Muslim player scored a goal. Also the fans who tried to burned down the soccer team’s management offices when they hired the guy! As a sports fan, if you’re willing to go to jail for 5+ years on conspiracy to commit arson charges, you need to chill out!

Read full story here.

source: jewishjournal.com

4. You before you send this text – if you’re considering sending a text like this, you need to chill out.













5.  And lastly… United Airlines










And that’s the daily roundup! Let’s all continue to make a concerted effort not to end up on this list!

ps. Any others you would add?



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