5 People To Forgive Today

The Steubenville Rape case has us thinking a lot about apologies and forgiveness. The trial was working to convict two teenage boys who raped a teenage girl at a party while she was underage and too intoxicated to give consent. The boys then proceeded to brag about their actions via social media. Type “Steubenville Rapists” into youtube and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

After the guilty verdict was handed down at least one of the boys  offered an apology to the victim’s family – his father also offered an apology on behalf of his son to the family and to the court. It was the right thing to do, but how much did it help?

When someone offers an apology, does it make it better? The tragic event still happened, the boys are still going to jail, the victim still has to heal, the trial is still in the papers…what good is an apology?

Our own feelings are that the power is not in the apology at all, it’s a nice gesture, but healing, restitution, forgiveness, etc., can all be accomplished without an apology.

Check Facebook to find out how we/and other readers think that is possible.

And click this link: here to read the Ask Angela Washington Times article about 5 people you can forgive today.





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