Wednesday Thought: It’s hard to prove you’ve changed, if you haven’t actually changed

Have you been following the NYC mayoral race?

Long story short, Anthony Weiner is running for mayor but a few years ago (2011) he was caught having an inappropriate twitter relationship with this girl. Everyone was like “Ew” so he had to resign from congress. Plus, at the time, his wife was pregnant so people were like “wow, really?”

Anyway, now he’s running for mayor and he’s all “sexting is in the past” but then new convos have turned up proving that he’s still doing doing the same “text-naked-pictures-of-myself-to-young-girls-who-aren’t-my-wife” behavior and everyone is like “double wow you need to pull out of the race” but he hasn’t yet.

Moral of the story? It’s a beautiful feeling to get rid of a bad habit, but it’s a waste to pretend you’ve dealt with something when you haven’t really. Don’t be afraid to “not be over it.” People can relate to that and you’ll usually get help and encouragement instead of condemnation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Mr. Weiner got control of his habit, and now he and his wife are paying for that.


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