‘Negative thought spiral,” ever had one?

This is your brain when you’re having bad thoughts…I can’t prove that scientifically, just trust me.


Sometimes I’ll notice that I’m on a negative thought spiral. Never heard of a ‘negative thought spiral?” Here’s an example:

Hey this show Suits is a really good show –> They all went to Harvard Law –> Man, I need to go to graduate school. –> I need to take the GRE/GMAT/LSAT –> That’s going to be hard –> I’ll get a bad score –> They won’t accept me –> I can’t do anything right —> I’ve never done anything right –> I’m the worst.

It’s crazy! But one thought (if you let it) can take you on a path to where you’re mentally saying all sorts of negative things about yourself. I do this with graduate school all the time, you may do it with something else, “My family hates me,” “I’m at a dead end job,” “I’ll never get married,” etc., etc., Whatever the thesis of your spiral, you can decide to change it today.

Apparently by focusing on uplifting thoughts not only can we stop them in their tracks, we can actually change our minds into an environment that doesn’t support such negativity.

This is especially significant because our thoughts have such a huge influence on what we ultimately do.

So my challenge to you (and to myself) is to experiment with this. Look for ways to change that spiral into something that moves upward. Make every second thought better than the one before it.

Got ways of doing this? Please share in the comments!




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