Silence is not an okay breakup technique; FYI

I love reading through ‘Ask Angela’ questions trying to choose the one that will be the most fun to discuss, but all too often I come across the same question:

What do I do if the guy/girl I’m seeing just stops contacting me? I know that means her or she is not interested, but still, it’s driving me crazy, help?

What if we all agreed here and now to always send a simple text or make a short phone call that says something like, “Hey I enjoyed meeting you/talking to you/seeing you but I’m not interested in pursuing this any further.”


It’ll be uncomfortable for 10 seconds BUT it will save someone from a very slow “why-aren’t-they-calling-I’m-going-to-explode” death. This, being a type of death that many of us have died at one point or another.




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