Coming soon: Interview with “Church Goer for Now”

Check back for our interview with today’s ‘Ask Angela” submission. 

In the meantime: check out the article here:


2 thoughts on “Coming soon: Interview with “Church Goer for Now”

  1. On one hand there is the axiom that you get out a ward what you put into it… that your behavior, and paradigm actually change the ward. While there is certain validity to that, the fact remains that some wards suck for any number of reasons. And the blame begins at the top. Changing bishops generally changes the ward, so it follows that the bishop sets that tone. The one thing mentioned in this question that gives hope, is that we’ll get to a point where we’ll ditch the geographic structure (ward boundaries) in favor of letting people attend the wards they want at the times they want — a current structure/idea that is very Mormon, but has absolutely nothing do with the Gospel or the Church being true. She talks about classes and I’m one who has felt for years that Gospel Doctrine class needs to be split between those who just want to have the manual (which they could read, but don’t) regurgitated to them with no respect to preparation, and those who want to treat the class as a CLASS with prerequisites and expectations. If it follows that sacrament meetings that can found with reverence where families attend, but adults set a good example and children are expected to quietly and atte

    1. I support your idea of people attending the ward that makes sense to them. In another post Angela is advising the daughter of parents who want to leave the church because of the way they are treated in a ward. They need to be free to go where they feel comfortable.. In my own situation in Indiana I am forced to go to a ward that is 1/2 an hour away in a very crime ridden neighborhood, when another building is 7 min. away in a safer area.

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