Ask Angela: Impress the new bishop, get the dates

Dear Angela, 

This is going to sound really petty, but our ward just got a new bishop and I feel like the men in the ward are lining up to try and impress him. I think it’s their way of trying to get the “impressive” callings/responsibilities to impress all the girls and get all the dates. It’s just something else to make church not about church – how do I ignore this foolishness?


Here we go again

Dear Here we go again, 

Are you sure this is actually happening? Because I’ve never heard of this in my entire life. Impress the bishop, get an impressive calling, get all the dates??

It’s too crazy to be real. So i’m going to say this, and I don’t want you to get mad…

Whenever there is something that I emotionally feel is real but intellectually I know is only happening in my head, I have to actively say to myself, “Angela, do not be crazy.”

I would suggest you employ this same strategy. Because even if this is actually happening, it’s too, too, too dumb for you or anyone to give it any attention. 



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Readers: Maybe I’m being too dismissive, do people actually do this!? 


5 thoughts on “Ask Angela: Impress the new bishop, get the dates

  1. I’ve never heard of that happening before myself. Let alone doing it to impress girls to get dates. If that is the reason for doing it they need to re-think why they are in the calling they get because it’s not to impress a girl but to serve the Lord to the best of their capabilities. It’s not the Bishop that calls them to that calling either it is The Lord. The Bishop is just the spokesman for him. If it was me I wouldn’t stress over it. There are more important things in life & it’s the Lord’s call anyway. Not something that we be worrying about. Trust in The Lord and you’ll never go wrong.

  2. OH but Angela, Here we go again has a valid observation. I have seen it over and over and its not just new bishops. There is a line between being supportive of ones new calling and a sincere faithful willingness to serve, and the alternate side of the exuberant wanting to snug up to the leaders for personal gain. It happens in business models and it happens at church. The advice that its too dumb to give attention is spot on. It is hard when we notice. But if we can’t let go of it then we are more concerned about everyone else rather than ourselves. I have found that when I don’t look for those annoyances (because I know they exist among many other things) and only concentrate on my own sincere desires to be a better person, I tend to be blinded by them and not pulled into the pointless drama. When I care more about real relationships and Christ like behaviors the annoying parts end up in the back seat. I can see them, they are still there but only when I look in my rear view mirror.

    1. Thanks for commenting on the blog. To answer your question, anyone can submit a question. This particular one was submitted by a YSA in SLC. Like most advice columns, we keep the submissions anonymous.

      Do you have a question you want to submit or a topic you’d like to see discussed?

      Again, good to hear from you!

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