Ask Angela: I have an impressive calling, I’m not getting asked out

Dear Angela, 

I read your article about guys with the impressive callings getting the dates in church. I do know that there’s some truth to that, but I feel like it’s the exact opposite with girls. I have a very impressive calling at church and am surprised that I’m not asked out more because of it. The guys seems to only ask the women out who have lesser callings because women like me are “too intimidating” for them. I wish the men would just step up and be men and ask our a real woman! Lol. Am I asking too much?


Someone had to say it


Dear Someone had to say it, 

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!




3 thoughts on “Ask Angela: I have an impressive calling, I’m not getting asked out

  1. I don’t know about callings…but I think that I was a bit intimidating to guys. I’m smart and confident and tall (but average looking, maybe that helped me to be a little less intimidating). I did get asked on dates occasionally but it was usually a super-dater kind of guy or just someone who wasn’t really my type. I figured out that I wanted someone who was really smart but not full of himself and that kindness was more important that great social skills. I finally ended up with a guy from a study group but I waited a while (about a year) for for him to ask me on a date. I should have asked him instead of waiting. Oh well, it worked out. But just be aware, if you’re intimidating, the kind of guy you like might need some help before he asks you out.

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