Ask Angela: I’m not happy with my life; can’t sleep

Dear Angela, 

I’m very unhappy with my life and now that unhappiness is having a negative impact on my sleep schedule. I just lay awake in bed at night thinking about all of the things that frustrated me from the previous day.  Whoever said your 20s was the best time of your life was lying. Help?


Wide Awake

Dear Wide Awake, 

The next time this happens I want you to do these things: 

1. Get out of bed

2. Get a pen and a piece of paper

3. Make a plan

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I feel particularly frustrated when things seem to be out of my control. If you’re laying in bed thinking about all the things that could be different, get up and make a set plan for how you’re going to change those things. 

Your 20s may not be the best time of your life, but they can be a very powerful time. You have energy, friends, fewer responsibilities, people willing to mentor you etc., etc., Take advantage of that. 

Once you get all of these things down on paper, you’ll immediately feel like you have a better handle on things and sleep will come. Trust me, action, even if it’s just the intent to act, brings peace like few things can.




Readers: We’ve all been in that “I hate my life” funk, how do you get out of it?


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