Ask Angela: Bad texting, bad future?

Dear Angela,

Can you settle a friendly debate? Do you think that how a guy texts (grammatically speaking) has any bearing on how he’ll be in a relationship?


I like a good text


Dear “I like a good text,”

On the record? No, I think to judge someone based on how he or she texts is wrong and probably means you’re being too picky.

Off the record and more importantly, YES. I 100% believe that if a guy can’t produce a coherent grammatically correct text with punctuation and spelled out words then he will be a terrible boyfriend.

I don’t know the exact science behind the “bad text/bad boyfriend” relationship but if you’re having a digital conversation that in any way resembles this:

 You: Hi, how are you doing?

Guy: gd, hbu?

Then case studies have shown that in the future your parents won’t like him, he’ll rarely pull his pants up all the way, and he’ll refuse to get a job.

So…proceed with caution.



Ps. Once you two get to know each other, you can relax these standards – allowing a “lol” to slip in here and there – but even then, be careful.


One thought on “Ask Angela: Bad texting, bad future?

  1. Oh my my. Are you kidding me? I feel so bad for this father….. It is apparent that he is the one struggling with his eyes & mind at church. Truy there are boundary issues within his own self. How many times as a single sister was I approached inappropriately by a confused priesthood holder who felt my choice of clothing was his business? . I am one of the most old fashioned women you would know. However I am a single mother who not by choice must work in the corporate world in order to pay my bills (including sustaining a son on his FT mission). Having had a difficult previous week in the business world of men, I was feeling particularly volnerable one Sunday morning. I had a desire to cover every inch of my skin. The only clothing I had available were skirts to my shins or otherwise below my knee…. So in order to completely cover up I chose a grey silk pantsuit which had lace trim and was most elegant. My mind quickly recalled another sister who often wears blue jean skirts & sandals. Thinking although it was a pants suit, they were flowing pants much like a dress, and at least I was covered to my ankles and felt so safe…… A gentleman whom I had on occasion spoken to, but certainly not close friends, felt it his duty to approach me and ask why I wasn’t dressed in Sunday attire. I was so taken back by his candar that I responded it was so very cold in the chapel (a true long time building issue) his response to me was I should bring a lap blanket if I was cold. It was at that moment that I felt most led by the spirit to quickly & kindly tell him the truth. “Brother so-and-so, I am just actually tired of men looking at my legs, and I really didn’t think anyone would cross the line and criticize my dress when there are bigger issues at hand, like why my son hasn’t had a call or visit from anyone for regarding his home teaching”. This brother immediately understood the spirit of the law vs the letter of the law.

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