Ask Angela: Is my home teacher into me?

He asked out my roommate, but do you think he might really like me?


Dear Angela, 

My home teacher has been kind of flirting with me on and off and I really thought we had this fun little thing growing, but then he asked out my roommate – who he doesn’t home teach. I kind of asked him about it by saying a little sarcastically, “Well, that came out of nowhere!” To which he responded, “Oh yeah…well I really like you but I just thought since I’m your home teacher I should casually date until I’m not.” So what do you think he means by that? Do you think he’s just dating my roommate for right now until he gets released? Do you think he likes me but just wants to be a gentleman? Should I tell my roommate so she doesn’t get hurt? What do you think?



Dear Chelsea,

Normally I’d be all like, “How does he act around you? What kind of texts does he send you? How do you feel around him? Blah, blah, blah” But I’ve been reading the book called “He’s just not that into you” and one of the #1 signs that a guy isn’t into you is if he’s asking out another girl – home teacher or not.

He probably said what he did about “dating your roommate for now” because it’s an easier thing to say, and that’s okay – who hasn’t taken the easy way out?

But be careful that you don’t ignore the reality of his actions. He likes a girl, so he asked that girl out, and that girl was not you.

So, yeah, let him home teach you so he can see how pretty, popular and interesting you are, but leave it at that.




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2 thoughts on “Ask Angela: Is my home teacher into me?

  1. I’m going to add that he may have just put you on the backburner. Meaning that he is more into your roommate, but if it doesn’t work out with her than at least he’ll have you. My advice would be don’t put someone first who puts you second.

  2. I’m dating my home teacher. Only he was my boyfriend and then he was assigned to partner with my previous home teacher. Suffice to say, my home teacher is really up to date on my life, hahaha.

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