Can Mormon women ask out Mormon men? Or is that a dating death sentence like all the books say?

FYI: I’m posting this from my phone so please forgive any typos.

I got this question via text from an Ask Angela reader.


So I want to be like “Yes, ask out whoever you want, whatever!” But, as a new convert to the “he’s just not that into you” way of thinking, I’m second guessing it. I mean, is that bad advice?

Plus, I’ve seen it a million times (especially where Mormon men are concerned): girl asks guy out, guy thinks girl is trying to trick him into marriage, guy freaks out, both endure very awkward encounters with each other for the rest of eternity.

So what’s the answer? Anyone an expert? Anyone have 2 cents?



2 thoughts on “Can Mormon women ask out Mormon men? Or is that a dating death sentence like all the books say?

  1. Ok girlfriend I am going to need for you to be strategic in this dilemma. Take baby steps first, find a way to invite the (person of interest) to a dinner party at your house. Start small, everybody loves extended invites for food. When you extend the invite make sure to let him know that he is allowed to bring another guy friend ( So he doesn’t feel awkward not knowing anyone other than just you) Make sure to involve your roommates or other friends to be a part of the group dinner. Dependent on how that turned out, before he leaves from the dinner party invite him somewhere on a casual date with other friends. Make it a double and just tell him its your treat! and if he refuses you to pay for it then he might turn the situation around and say yeah I would love to come but I wont let you pay then let him pay for you. If the date goes well then keep it casual don’t act super desperado that you are starving for a date. Men flee quickly when you start acting clingy and are overly too much too soon. STAY AWAY FROM THAT! Then after the first date then wait to hear from him but don’t text him everyday wait for him to extend the olive branch, you already did your part to show interest now its his turn. If he’s too dumb to figure out that he is someone of interest for you then leave it and go invite another guy to a dinner party.

  2. I think it’s absolutely necessary to be with someone you feel comfortable around. If you’re hesitant to ask this person out because you think he’ll reject you for being yourself, do you think he’d be someone you’d want to spend your time with in the long run? Also, you really never know why a guy hasn’t asked you out. He could be as afraid to ask you out as you are to ask him out. You’d be surprised how many men out there who appreciate a woman initiating the potential relationship. Yes, asking a guy out is a pretty non-traditional way of starting a relationship and can be frightening, but if you feel in your gut that it’s what you want to do and the chemistry is there, I’d say make your move.


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