Ask Angela Asks YOU: The immodest roommate

Boogie Short*Fullux


Dear Angela, 

My roommate is on my case about my immodest clothing choices. I haven’t been to the temple yet so I’m pretty happy wearing whatever is in style and comfortable. The other day I was walking around the apartment wearing booty shorts and a tank top, I’d just gotten back from the gym for goodness sake and my roommate asked me to “Please put some clothes on before her boyfriend came over.” I didn’t, because it’s my house too and I can wear whatever I want and if her creep boyfriend wants to watch me make ramen noodles in my gym clothes then that’s her problem. She doesn’t see it that way though, and now we’re in this big fight about how I don’t respect the standards of the house.

I’m sorry, I never made any commitments about gym attire and I’m frustrated that she’s now equating me to some off the deep end crazy chick because I want to be comfortably dressed in my own house. 

Am I missing something here? 



11 thoughts on “Ask Angela Asks YOU: The immodest roommate

  1. She’s absolutely missing something!
    Just because you haven’t been endowed doesn’t give you a free pass to be immodest. Modesty is also more than clothes. It’s attitude, behavior and speech too.
    Clearly all of these are being disregarded at the gym and at home.
    The “it’s your problem not mine” attitude self justifying, uncompromising and offensive and doesn’t become any person, especially the professed christian.

    1. I agree, her attitude bothers me most of all. I feel like this is the same as any roommate conflict and needs to be resolved with a compromise. The girl is free to wear whatever she wants in her own room, but the kitchen and living area are shared spaces and therefore need rules agreed upon by everyone. If she was playing music loud enough for everyone to hear, they would have a right to ask her to turn it down. If she’s wearing inappropriate clothes in areas of the home that are communal, they have a right to ask her not to wear those clothes in those spaces. Until she lives in her own apartment, she’ll have to live by rules agreed upon by all, not just herself.

  2. What’s the real issue here? Couldn’t this girl just have thrown on a pair of pants over her booty shorts out of respect for a simple request from her roommate? I don’t think what the roomie asked is outrageous or crazy, Maybe it was the WAY she asked? What beef do these two girls have from the past that made such a simple thing become so big? This girl needs to remember too that most of us girls get jello, she is prob just too hot from all that gym time and her roomie doesn’t want her man diggin that. She should take it as a compliment and throw on some pants. End of fight.

  3. Wear what you want, it’s your house too. Unless she wants to pay your portion of the rent, then get a parka! She must be insecure with her boyfriend if she is worried he will look at you. Maybe she’s jealous she can’t pull off those type of gym clothes too? Find a new roommate who doesn’t judge you.

  4. For the immodest roommate,

    Being modest is a reflexion of the respect you have for your Father in Heaven and to yourself. The body He gave to you is a holy and sacred temple and the home of your spirit. Going to the gym does not give you the possibility of being immodest since there is many options of comfortable and modest clothing for exercising. Even if you have not gone through the Temple you are bound to keep God’s commandments (baptismal covenant) including what is written in the pamphlet “For The Strength of the Youth” about the matter (for the youth who have not eneter the Temple).

  5. It is truly a matter of conversion. When you are fully converted to the standards of the gospel you understand the principle of modesty and its effects upon yourself, others, and your spiritual well-being. Arguing will not help her to understand, but the Spirit can teach her. She can help her understand the impact of her actions upon herself and those she comes in contact with. It is our duty as women to help men to honor their priesthood, not tempt them with revealing clothing.

  6. I don’t really like it when girls call a girl out on immodesty. I also have a problem with Miss Workout, since she describes herself as wearing booty shorts and later describes them as comfortable. Having people see me in booty shorts doesn’t sound comfortable, if I was sitting around at home I wear what I want, but if someone is coming over, you bet I will put on something else. I’m not sure what tone Miss Boyfriend was using or her precise words, but Miss Workout could have easily slipped on a pair of yoga pants and still have been comfortable.

  7. What you wear reflects alot about you….and if you want to show that much of your body, thats fine. But not everyone wants to SEE That much of your body! Like it or not, men are very visual. Although its the boyfriends job to keep his thoughts clean, it’s distracting to anyone to see a little tush hanging out.
    Also, if this is your idea of preparing to go to the temple, then honey, you are fooling yourself. You can’t prepare for a higher law (a.k.a. temple covenants) if you aren’t willing to live a lesser law (a.k.a. modesty).

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