Forgiveness: It’s powerful, pass it on!


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This morning I read a little bit about forgiveness and I found a quote that I really like. Here it is:

“At times we find little difficulties arising among us, and we forget the patience our Father in heaven exercises towards us, and we magnify in our hearts some trivial thing that our brother or sister may have done or said concerning us. We do not always live that law which the Lord desires us to observe in regard to these matters. We forget…to [forgive].” – George Albert Smith

I really liked this quotation because it’s so easy for this to happen. Your sister ignores your text (get mad!) Your roommate uses your eggs without asking (get really mad!) Your “best friend” promises that she’ll babysit for you and last minute she cancels (get furious!)  etc., etc., etc., forever and ever and ever. People will always do things that are at the very least a little bit annoying, but we can train ourselves to forgive them – even if we have every right to be mad. I think doing this will make us happier.

I’m going to start actively trying this. Think it will work? Know it will work? Will it work for larger offenses?

Share your thoughts!



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