You’re not perfect. Feeling miserable yet?

Brother entering the MTC Photo credit: Livie’s IG

A lot of you know that my little brother is on the big Mish right now  serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we love getting emails from him. He is turning into such a great man, it’s pretty crazy to see! 

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit of his email from this past week. Here is it: 

Something that the Seventy said in his talk that was so good was that Satan works in a lot of different ways. His main goal is to try and get you to not care about things, to not believe there is a God, [to break big commandments]…. but when he sees that we are [sort of] past that kind of thing he tries the opposite side of the spectrum.

He will take your desire to be better and try to push that to perfection and he will make you feel depressed by your inability to  reach it, he will give you thoughts like “I’m unworthy to receive answers from my father and heaven because i have not done this,this,this and this.” he will trick us into looking at the goodness of others and putting ourselves down because we dont quite measure up. But what we really need to do is realize that the only person we need to be better than today, is the person we were yesterday. So yeah that really was important for me to hear. But yeah other than that my life is pretty kosher, just on the mission grind, gonna miss you all for thanksgiving, just make sure somebody eats up all the deviled eggs in honor of me.”

This is a great message, and he’s a great brother. 

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One thought on “You’re not perfect. Feeling miserable yet?

  1. Good Advice and something we all need to remember. I am only competing with me, not setting the standard very high on most days if all I have to do is be better than yesterday. That is something all of us can see doing right.

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