What I learned from last week’s episode of SCANDAL

We love Scandal, but last week’s episiode? (Photo Credit: The Huffington Post)

In honor of the new episode of Scandal tonight, we’re going to review the very confusing Mellie focused episode from last week. Were we demanding a Mellie backstory? I must have missed that in all of Kerry Washington’s super annoying non-announcements about her personal life. Anyways, here’s WHAT I LEARNED from Scandal last week.

  1.  Find a friend exactly like David Rosen. You can betray him and throw him under the bus constantly and he will still inexplicably do whatever you say.
  2.  Less makeup is more (lookin at you Abby).
  3.  I guess to be a gladiator all you have to do is tell your needy boss that you’re with her and keep buttoning and unbuttoning your too small blazer (sorry Harrison, not sorry Harrison)
  4.  I want Fitz and Mellie together? Get your act together Shonda.
  5.  If you’re going to have a years long affair with someone, make sure you know what the ‘rents look like. Actually never mind. In real life, this absolutely will happen naturally.
  6.  Fitz simultaneously looks 35 and 50 years old? No effort was made to make us believe differently. Cyrus on the other hand…
  7.  Saved the best for last- the dress/coat/catastrophe Olivia wore while talking to Fitz on their secret phone that she leaves out in the open should go back to Morticia Adams’s closet where it belongs.

And just for kicks, here’s one thing I still haven’t learned- what in the world is the white hat?

Elizabeth Trusty is the Ask Angela writer covering TV, celebrities and headbands. Follow her on twitter @berdoo13 


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