Ask Angela: I did bad things with the EQ president


Dear Angela,

I did very, very bad things with the EQ president and he’s still walking around all high and mighty with his calling and passing the sacrament! As if he doesn’t remember the past 4 weekends in a row! First, I was just going to leave it be – let that be on his conscience, ya know? But now that he isn’t returning my calls and acting like he doesn’t know me at church, I’m feeling like I might need to say something. Ha! This makes me sound like a huge B, but still, the Bishop should know, right?



Dear BishShldKnow, 

I mean…yeah the Bishop should probably know, but he should know from the EQ pres himself, right? It’s one thing if you go confess your own sins, but to go confess someone else’s? Because they won’t call you back? Seems petty.

Plus, whenever a person’s motivation is revenge disguised as innocence (ie. “Well the Bishop really needs to know this” ::insert angel faced emoji) karma is always waiting around the corner, so, be careful. 

My advice to you? Change your perspective and attitude, make this not about the EQ pres and whether or not he’s calling you back and more about getting yourself in a good place, and then decide what you want to do. 

Good Luck!





2 thoughts on “Ask Angela: I did bad things with the EQ president

  1. Her motivation for going to the bishop should be remorse for her own sins, and concern for the spiritual welfare of the co-sinner. Right now she is so concerned with his getting in trouble, thinking he doesn’t deserve his position due to his treatment of her. Meanwhile, there is not one mention of HER sins, and cleaning those up must be her highest priority right now.

  2. Yes don’t worry about EQ pres… just focus on getting you back to the strait and narrow! God loves you and will bless you to repent. You can do it. Go talk to the bishop. Focus on the temple and getting there.

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