Hey some 28 year olds are going to jail for stealing chicken nuggets

Man steals nuggets, goes to jail, was it worth it?

Hey, I’m 28 so I’m always interested in what other people my age are doing. This particular man, Kareem Gordon, age 28, is getting arrested for fighting with his pregnant sister over chicken nuggets. 

The article says that after arguing with his sister over the nuggs 

Gordon’s sister went to her bedroom but Gordon followed behind, yelling “I will punch you down.” Gordon then grabbed her by her neck, pushed her into a nightstand, making her fall to the ground, police said.

Gordon’s sister is four months pregnant, according to the report. Gordon said he was trying to explain the incident to his sister but she tried to close the bedroom door in his face. According to the police report, Gordon said he pushed her away from the door.


Advice: I’ve found that if I start my explanations by grabbing someone by the neck they don’t usually go well. Also, you can get your own nuggets from McDonald’s for $4.99!




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