It’s okay if your job is kind of brutal

The 18-34 age bracket (AKA Millennials) is full of young men and women who are working in jobs that for whatever reason (salary, daily duties, location) are unsatisfying – to say the least. 

But one of my favorite scriptures in Latter-day Saint (Mormon) doctrine explains how that is okay. It says: 




In my mind, this scripture is telling me that essentially, “it’s all good.” What I’m seeking for, what I’m working and hoping for (after the right combination of work, patience and creativity) will be mine. So, in that way – my current circumstances are all a part of the journey. 

What do you think?



3 thoughts on “It’s okay if your job is kind of brutal

  1. I think you’re absolutely right. Sometimes for the short term we have to work jobs that are pretty terrible, but when it comes to a long term career (something you’ll be doing for years and years and years) I think it’s so important to do whatever you have to (increased schooling, training, looking inward, job counseling, entrepreneurship etc. etc.) to find or create work that is meaningful to you.

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