Ask Angela: Oh no! I’m Justine Sacco and I just sent a racist tweet, help!


Dear Angela,

I wrote a racist tweet that I thought was funny but now Twitter hates me and I’ve lost my job. Help?

– Justine

Dear Justine,

Okay, so RE: your tweet…

#RealTalk? No one wants to get aids in Africa. Like, no one. But you can’t say stuff like this and you definitely can’t tweet it. PR 101 Life 101.

Buuuut….actually, even as I’m writing this advice, it’s like…who cares? You’ll get fired, but that won’t change the way you think. And most people following this twitter faux pas are just in it for the jokes. So, basically, whatevs.

Looks like all you need to do is go to your parents house, turn off all of your social media devices, get Netflix going and wait for your 15 minutes to be over…


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