Gay Marriage in Utah, Discuss!



You can read the full Salt Lake Tribune article here, but here is an interesting portion from the article. What are your thoughts on these statements?


Utah Democratic Chairman Jim Dabakis, who is gay and was getting a marriage license with his long-time partner Friday afternoon, called the decision reasonable. He said while it is likely to be appealed, he remained confident that gay Utahns would soon be able to get married.


Dabakis noted the generational divide on the issue where young people, including younger Republicans, are more accepting of gay marriage than older people.


“What we need to do is a little hand holding with Utahns of a certain generation who really don’t understand that there is no need to feel threatened by gay people, that we are just like everybody else,” he said.


And Dabakis said there needs to be a recognition that civil marriage and religious marriage are not necessarily the same thing.


“I don’t believe any religion should be coerced into performing a marriage they are not comfortable with and conversely no religion should be able to take away a civil right that should be available across the country,” he said.


One thought on “Gay Marriage in Utah, Discuss!

  1. To be honest, whatever goes on between two happy and consenting adults is none of my business. I do not feel that it’s appropriate to try and enforce my opinions onto other people. I do not feel that it’s fair to restrict the access to certain activities or limit the participation of other adults in whatever they want to do, as long as it’s occurring between two consenting adults. Emphasis on the ‘two consenting adults’.

    With that said, I support this move, and while others may feel that it’s a grave offense against God and their religious beliefs, remember that you have to obtain a marriage license at the courthouse and not the bishop’s office or any other office of a clergy person for your marriage to be legally recognized.

    And you know what’s a greater threat to any marriage heterosexual or otherwise? Lying, disrespect and infidelity. If legalizing gay marriage is going to suddenly turn you into a disrespectful cheater who’s dishonest with their spouse.. well you’ve got a whole lot of other problems that need to be addressed. But gay marriage ain’t it.

    And you know what? Utah is grossly underfunded in a lot of areas. Taking the fees will be a great boost to the state’s budget and funds.. and we can do other things to increase revenue for our state.. like legalizing gambling! We can take these additional funds and spend it towards increasing the quality of education and public transportation and other things that will benefit everyone.

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