Considering Online dating? LDS Singles? Be prepared

You can’t just go nuts with your online dating profile, there are rules!

This article is so interesting!

Did you know that January 5. 2014 is the best day of the year to try your hand at online dating? Apparently, all the people who have been like “Okay, this year I’m going to have a boyfriend and love him and marry him” have finally set up their profiles by Jan 5th. relationship expert, Whitney Casey, says it takes a few days to choose the right picture, the site you’re going to use, and really get your nerve up, but by Jan 5th most people have gotten that down.

Some advice?

1. Women – use full body shots and not selfies, apparently profiles with body shots as the main photo get 203% more messages than the average person.

2. Men – Women don’t like your emoticons, and they also don’t like when you use words like “hot” “sexy” or “cute”, Men who use those terms are 44% less likely to get a response back.

3. Everyone – Spell check! Profiles with typos don’t get any love.


While not scientifically proven, we would also advise you to avoid pictures of 100 dollar bills, mug shots, Harry Styles, and washing machines for optimum results. #seenallofthese

You can read the full article: here.


2 thoughts on “Considering Online dating? LDS Singles? Be prepared

  1. I really think as well that your profile photo needs to show exactly all about you. This is for the fact that some people are annoyed by the selfie craze and they don’t like it that much especially the duck faces. Posting nice pictures of yourself can definitely draw the attention of your potential future partner. Just be yourself, nothing more and nothing less.

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