Ask Angela Real Talk: Can you judge your boyfriend by how he treats his mom?


This week’s Ask Angela Column (you can read it here) talked about this girl who is dating this guy and she really likes him, but she didn’t like how he treated his mom this one time.

99% of the people in the comment section were all “RUN, GIRL! He’ll NEVER treat you well!” But, I still really disagree with that.

I think (especially in this scenario) if you break up with people for things of this caliber without talking about it, then you’ll never find love. Furthermore, you’ll never develop the skill of having critical conversations when the stakes are high.

In hindsight the advice I gave may have been a little on the passive aggressive side, but what I was trying to communicate is that home girl doesn’t need to make a big deal about it (because if I were her guy I’d then be writing my own advice column like, ‘Dear Angela, my significant other makes me have HUGE conversations about little things…should I break up with her?!) 

So yeah, talk about it, but be cool about it.





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4 thoughts on “Ask Angela Real Talk: Can you judge your boyfriend by how he treats his mom?

  1. I also think your advice to this girl was spot on. Why is she even thinking of marrying this guy if she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to talk to him about things on her mind??? That is the real issue here in my opinion. If you can’t talk about the small stuff, then you won’t be able to talk about the big stuff.

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