Twitter is giving me a complex


I don’t know anything about how twitter works. I know there are hashtags and abbreviations and racism, but beyond that I don’t get it.

The main thing I don’t understand is the follow/unfollow trend that exists on my feed!

Does someone want to explain??

To be fair, my tweets are boring at best, so maybe I’m not that confused after all?


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4 thoughts on “Twitter is giving me a complex

    1. I mean people follow me for 5 minutes and then unfollow me for 3 days and then follow me again for 1 week then unfollow for 52 hours and then follow for a month…and so on forever!


      Also, what’s your twitter handle?

      1. I haven’t got on twitter yet but am planning on making a twitter page in just a few days…I’ll let you know when I do though! I’d love to follow you. And for REAL follow you too 🙂

        One thing I do know is that some people follow someone else just so that person will follow them back and when that person follows them back (or decides not to) they unfollow them. It’s one of the weird habits I really dislike about how people use twitter.

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