This elementary school principal said the ‘N’ word, Oops


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These 5th graders in Washington State were rehearsing a MLK jr play and they were feeling really uncomfortable with the word “Negro”. In order to calm their concerns, the principal explained the “Negro” is not the same a ‘N’ (but used the actual word.)

Parents complained (of course) and now the principal is on leave while the district tries to figure out if it will be a PR problem for them to let this go investigates.

Some of my immediate questions are: 

1. Was the principal black?

2. Was it a predominantly black school? (Washington State, probably not)

3. Why do those two things matter to me?

Do you think it’s important for kids to know that the N word is a terrible word? How should that be communicated to them? Or do we leave the word alone? Kill it’s power?

What are your thoughts?


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One thought on “This elementary school principal said the ‘N’ word, Oops

  1. In a predominantly “White School” you probably would never hear the ‘N’ word. In a predominantly Black School you will hear it many, many times each day used by black children against black children. The N word has become a bloody cane to beat Whitie and a reason to raid, rob and burn businesses.
    “Thug” is the next word that will separate the whites from the blacks and became that bloody black cane. Reminds me of our bible “Cain and Able”.

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