Dear Church Women, I don’t have kids, but I’d still like to be friends



If you haven’t already, you should check out the latest Ask Angela column that came out in the Deseret News on Monday. 

This lady wrote in and was like, “I don’t have kids and it seems like because of that people don’t want to be my friend.”

The comments section is basically everyone being like “Reach out to other people blah blah blah.” I agree with that, I think it’s always best to focus on the things that you personally can control. 

But my new question is this, why do so many people have this question/problem? Do we need some type of cultural adjustment to address it? In a perfect world, would we all naturally and instinctively befriend our neighbor? Is that the answer? Or, because we’re human, will someone always feel left out? 

What do you think?

ps. This is also building a pretty lively discussion Facebook, as well. Check it out!



2 thoughts on “Dear Church Women, I don’t have kids, but I’d still like to be friends

  1. how sad you feel left out. I know from years of experience that we have to be fun, funny, and sharing, with our
    activities, being a missionary for the ward, or a great grandma with my experiences. or just learning how to
    make friends. Never take things to seriously, just be friendly yourself, stay away from the corner chairs and chat with the other sisters, before the meetings start, Also you be the one that shakes hands with others if you know them
    or not. be the friendly one. Being shy only make you hole deeper, You can do it. God bless. Lee Johnson

  2. I think there should be more focus on fellowship in general (or even just a little focus at all). It’s a topic I rarely hear addressed in sacrament meeting or in sunday school. In a perfect world, Church would be a place where everyone felt comfortable and included. I don’t think people are standoffish or less inclusive on purpose, but just need to be reminded to be more conscious of others as well (I know I need reminders)

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