Daily Dramz: “Not That Serious (NTS)” Question of the day: Office Microwaves



Dear Angela,

My not that serious question is this: My coworker is always microwaving fish/curry or popcorn in the company break-room microwave. It’s so offensive to my nose, and literally smells up the entire office. There is no company policy against what can and cannot be prepared in the break-room, but certain things should be known and followed without an official written policy. Is there anything that can be done?


Can’t Breathe

Dear Can’t Breathe,


A more patient advice columnist might be like, “Effective communication can be achieved by blah blah blah” But I think you should put a really passive aggressive note on the front of the microwave talking about bad smells, small spaces and common decency.

You might also consider asking “What IS that smell?!” really dramatically around the office (but that might be a bit much.)

Let us know how it goes!




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