Ask Angela Weekend Picks: St. Patty’s Day Edition

 (image from Salt Lake Tribune)
Spring is here, the weather’s warming up, and a few brave souls are even starting to break out their shorts and summer pastels. Have you? Maybe this weekend, St. Patrick’s Day weekend, is a chance to put a little green and orange in your life. On this holiday weekend, check out some of the festive events going on in downtown Salt Lake.
st_pattys_40 (image from City Weekly)
What: St. Patty’s Day Parade and Music Festival @ Gateway Mall plaza, Sat. 10 am through the afternoon
Why you should go: The parade, which starts at 10 am, will feature music, dancing, and exciting floats of all kinds–leprechaun, bagpipers, horses, carriages, and lots of green and orange. A musical celebration begins after the parade at 10:45 am–food, music, dancing, and fun all around.
No really, why?: It’s free, and it’s also one of Salt Lake’s best-known traditional St. Patty’s Day festivities. More info below.
Hibs 1. 2014
What: Irish dancing @ Squatters Pub, 147 W Broadway Street, SLC, Saturday 6-10 pm
Why you should go: This downtown restaurant is hosting a fun evening of traditional Irish music, dancing, and food. Makes for a good date night, or simply a cultured night on the town.
No really, why?: The pub itself, Squatters, has a pretty high rating on Yelp. And don’t let the word “pub” scare you away. Plenty of non-alcoholic food and beverage options for those who do not drink. For more info, call Squatters: 801-363-2739.
What: Young Dubliners performing a concert @ The Depot, 400 W South Temple, Saturday 8 pm.
Why you should go: Parades and food too mainstream for you? This Celtic rock concert is an edgier approach to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
No really, why?: They sound like the Decemberists with a Gaelic twist. Check out the Young Dubliners’ catchy song, “In the End,” which is one of our favorites.
Other details: Tickets are $23 per person. More info here:
What: Salt Lake Symphony Orchestra St. Patrick’s Day Concert. Libby Gardner Hall @ University of Utah. Saturday 7:30 pm
Why you should go: Selections include holiday-themed pieces like “Irish Tune From Country Derry,” “Harty in Ireland,” and Beach’s Symphony No. 2 “Gaelic.”
No really, why: Because you’re cool like that.
Other details: Tickets are $10, or $5 for current students. More info here:

Whatever fun events you choose, have a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
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