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On almost every article I write for the Deseret News there is some version of this comment: “Why in the world is this person asking Angela they need to only ask God and not some blog.” When I first started writing it used to make me feel really sad. Mainly because I was working on becoming a better writer and I wanted to create a safe platform for people to talk about their struggles – but how can you compete with a comment like that? Because it’s true, who better to ask about your problems than God?

 Still, something that I really enjoy about the Ask Angela column and something that has helped me to keep writing in spite of those comments is that while I do share my opinion, it has really turned into a jumping off point for people with varying experiences and diverse backgrounds to offer their own advice, to give friendship, expert opinions and support. Religion…or any issues that affect our families, our hearts, our futures and ultimately our happiness, can be difficult to talk about but my dream is that the Ask Angela column will make it a little easier and in some cases a little more fun!


One of my favorite comments. This doctor, even though the person struggling is a total stranger to him, is willing to offer his time and talents to help them. Love seeing stuff like this!

As the Ask Angela column continues to grow, the readership gets more diverse, too. Most  of the views used to come out of Utah and Maryland (my hometown) but now, it’s literally reaching people all over the world. 

So continue to have your conversations with God. And if you aren’t having any, I invite you to pray, meditate and share with your loved ones the issues that you’re dealing with. And if you’ve experienced something that you think others would benefit from hearing about, then come have a conversation with us too. 




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One thought on “…and Ask Angela!”

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