Living in your house with a dead man, strange news of the day




In the really weird news category, USA Today is reporting that a man named Gerald Francis Gavin has been dead and decomposing on the floor of his house for the past 9 months – all the while his living wife went about her normal duties around his body.

 Here’s a snippet from the article:


Tyler Imel, who moved in next door to Gavan last August, said he was shocked to hear that the man had been dead the entire time they were neighbors. Even more unnerving, he said, is the fact that Ila Solomon, the woman he knew as Gavan’s live-in caretaker, carried on as if everything were normal.

“It’s really disturbing,” he said, “the fact that we’ve been living here the whole time and talking to her.”

Imel said he even spent time on Gavan’s porch with Solomon, never suspecting the man’s body was rotting just a few feet away on the other side of the front door.

Crazy right?


The wife, Ila, insists that her husband just died 5 days ago and she wants to have vultures eat his body so that in death he can get “a bird’s-eye view.”

I love the news!

Read the full story here.


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