Dear Angela, My blog is terrible, help!


Dear Angela, 

I’m writing this blog and I have all these grand ideas for what it could be like, but it’s literally turning into something I hate! Help?




Dear Blogger, 

You are a woman or man after my own heart. Literally, and I mean literally, I feel exactly the same way. I think one of the hardest things about being creative is getting something from your brain into reality. The best tip I could give you, and this is something I’m desperately trying to follow myself, is to just do whatever until something starts to take shape. 

You know that analogy where people say you can’t steer a ship that not’s moving? So just start going, blogging, writing whatever you *think* is what you want to be writing and once you have a little momentum, then start making small adjustments, small improvements until your blog starts to take form. 

Also, google: “How to make my blog better,” “How to stop hating my blog,” “How to make my blog just like Oprah’s site.” Lol.

You’ll be surprised what info you can find. 





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