You gotta stay away from negative people, negative thoughts, negative everything


We all know this, but I didn’t know it was so important until 10 seconds ago when I skimmed this article from Psychology today. Check this out: 

The fortunate (and unfortunate) thing is that your brain is naturally sensitive to negativity. Fortunate because if the source of that negativity could do actual harm to you (say, a saber tooth tiger ready to pounce), your brain is ready to signal your body to spring into action to defend yourself.  But it’s unfortunate because your amygdala doesn’t distinguish between a real threat and your crabby neighbor whose specialty is doom and gloom. Even if the negativity does not threaten your physical survival, your brain will still turn a good amount of your attention to that negative source – and your happy mood is shot.


The article goes on to talk about how we can train ourselves to re-frame negativity, no matter where it’s coming from, that way our brain stops reacting to negativity as if it’s an actual threat. Much healthier for us. 

Read the full article here.


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