4 Lessons I learned from my dad that will help you, too


Happy Father’s day to all the dads and father figures out there! I wanted to take a second and share with you 4 things that I learned from my dad that have impacted my life in a positive way. 

Here they are: 

1. If you can believe you can achieve. 

Dad always taught us girls (and my little brother) that if we could imagine something in our minds and delete the word “impossible” from our thoughts, we could achieve our goals. I remember I used this theory when it came to trying out for Varsity Lacrosse in high school. There were a million other girls who had been playing much longer than I had, but I imagined it, believed I could do it, practiced every day and made the team. Now, one might say it was because of the practice, and that is definitely true. But, I would not have practiced, if I didn’t first believe. If you can believe, you can achieve.

2. “I always thought you’d serve a mission.”

This was my dad’s response when the summer before my senior year of college I asked if he thought law school or business school was a better idea. I don’t know why I was having trouble deciding between the two, Law School was always the plan, but when I asked him he said, “I always thought you’d serve a mission.” I dismissed the idea at the time frustrated that he hadn’t given me the answer that I wanted, but about 6 months later I was submitting my papers to serve a volunteer mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now, I’m not saying to go serve a mission any time you’ve got a big decision to make (although that would be nice) but I am saying that putting service and God at the heart of what you do for the rest of your life will bring greater happiness than any degree or any job ever can. In life, love, careers and hobbies – remember to serve. 

3. Don’t be embarrassed. 

It’s an uncomfortable feeling and it holds you back. Be good and then do good. (do well, haha.)

4. “You’ll have to ask Mom.”

Yeah, we couldn’t get away with the “I asked Dad and he said I could” line in my house. Although we tried many times. Still, as I get older I’m grateful for the times that I had to ask my mom. She is now my best friend. But the larger theme in this comment is to support your spouse. I’m not married yet, but I’m looking for someone who’s counsel and advice and outlook is firm enough that I could direct someone to ask them and be confident that they were receiving wise direction. 


These are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned over the years, I’m happy that we’re able to celebrate Father’s day. What have you learned from your dad? Share your thoughts in the comments! And join our Facebook community.


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