Ask Angela Weekend Picks: Miss Utah Pageant, Future concert, Robot Dream, Olympic Day @ the Utah Olympic Oval

What: Miss Utah Pageant, Thursday June 19 – Saturday June 21; 7 pm @ Capitol Theatre, 50 W 200 S, SLC; $25 admission


Why you should go: This pageant is the real deal. The young woman who wins here will go on to represent Utah in September at the national Miss America competition. Pick any one of these Miss Utah competition nights, and go see the talent, swimsuit, evening gown, and on-stage interview events.


No really, why?: The full name of the Miss Utah Pageant is actually the Miss Utah Scholarship pageant. Proceeds from this event will go toward charitable causes. The winners of the pageant themselves get a scholarship for college, and they also will spend the next year traveling to hospitals and the like, advocating for a social issue of their choice. Ciera Pekarcik, the current Miss Utah, spent the past year working to prevent child abuse. (Image above is from Deseret News website)


Future and his wife Ciara--yes, that Ciara! Image from
Future and his wife Ciara–yes, that Ciara! Image from
What: Concert with Future, Tuesday June 24 @ 7 pm; The Complex, 562 W 100 S, SLC; $24 admission


Why you should go: When he’s not out and about being Ciara’s husband, Future is hard at work bringing us some of our favorite hip hop and R&B tunes. He’s recently been the featured artist on songs by Miley Cyrus and Drake, and he’s also released some good solo albums on his own.


No really, why?: Utah has a thriving music scene, but the concert selection definitely leans toward the indie and pop genres. It’s not very often that we get to attend a good hip hop concert here–so don’t miss your chance!


Image from
Image from
What: Robot Dream dance night, Thursday June 19 @ 10 pm; Gracie’s Restaurant, 326 S West Temple, SLC


Why you should go: If you haven’t yet been to a dance party where Robot Dream is the DJ, prepare to be seriously impressed. This local DJ has been in business since 1995, DJing everything from weddings to elite company parties. The band is also closely tied to Echo Models, one of Utah’s best modeling agencies.


No really, why?: Gracie’s dance nights are so fun that Gracie’s has been made the official after-party location for the Salt Lake Twilight Summer Concert series. Check out Robot Dream on Thursday nights and then come back on Fridays for the Twilight after-parties!


What: Olympic Day @ The Utah Olympic Oval, Friday June 20, 5-10 pm; 5662 South Cougar Lane (4800 West), SLC; Admission is free


Why you should go: The evening starts with a chance to meet some of the US Winter Olympic team athletes. The rest of the night is free game for open skate and socializing time. You’ll be able to figure skate, open skate, speed skate, play hockey, and even learn how to curl.


No really, why?: The Utah Olympic Oval was built for the 2002 Winter Olympics, but it’s a little known Salt Lake Valley secret that the Oval continues to host lots of fun events and concerts year-round.


Image from
Image from
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