Get out of your lies (“Get out of this team!” – Dance Moms)


I’ve been thinking a lot about Monday’s article, and this is some advice I want to give to the guy who has lied about his age.

Esther Duffles (from the Ask Angela FB group) made a really honest comment: “Who hasn’t lied about their age?” She said some other really great stuff that you can read here. But her first comment has stuck with me.

If you’ve found yourself backed into a corner because you haven’t been honest tell the truth to the person who matters most or who has been impacted the most by your lies. If they love you, they will protect you or at the very least, they will (in time) forgive you. Because they’ve probably been their before…

I know from experience that carrying around a lie can tear up your self-esteem and negatively influence almost every aspect of your life. Even when it’s just random small ones.

So yeah, truth up everybody!!



Read the Deseret News Article here.


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