Your Nude Photos And Other Mishaps Are Not The End Of The World

We edited Ms. Emily Post's words just a little bit, but they're very appropriate for this topic. xo
We edited Ms. Emily Post’s words just a little bit, but they’re very appropriate for this topic. xo

There’s this celebrity nude picture scandal going on right now that you may have read about in the news.

For the people involved, it’s probably a nightmare – legal proceedings, reputation management, press statements (read: twitter announcements) etc.,

But how do you emotionally deal with this type of thing?

If this happened to me I’m certain that I would throw my computer, my cell phone, and myself out the window – and call it good. Saying, “Yes, Angela, you’re officially the laughing stock of the world, very good job. Time to pack it up.”

BUT, I would be acting immaturely and in haste. It’s too late to go back in time and not take the pictures (which is an Ask Angela rule to live by: “Don’t take nude photos of yourself; Phones are for phone calls”)

What you can do, despite feeling embarrassed, upset and even ashamed, is realize that everyone feels embarrassed, upset and ashamed about something. Your moment is very public right now, but like all things, it will pass, and it doesn’t have to ruin your life.

This goes for all misfortune – public and private. Change your focus to how you’ll do things differently in the future. Your issue is probably not nude photos but something specific to your own life – how can others learn from where you’ve been? How can you turn this unpleasant time into a refiners fire that make you better? How can you protect yourself from others who would seek to do you harm? Focusing on improvement will provide healing and perspective.

Now, that’s all I have on that subject. Chin up, clothes on, and good luck!



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