I’m Single, 35, and Failing at Life | Ask Angela



I come from a big family and I’m the failure of the group. My siblings have great jobs, top academic degrees, boyfriends etc., I’m 35 years old, in an entry-level position and I just don’t measure up. How can I feel better?

The Runt

Dear Runt, 

I understand. But the “race” (if life can even accurately be called that) is only with yourself. That’s the truth. “Who can be the best Sally in the world?? Ready, set, go!” You’re the only one working on that – so stop looking at other people and their lives. Also, don’t look at measuring sticks that have ages next to achievements. No one has ever said that you have to be a specific thing by a specific age. So live, improve and enjoy life at your own pace. 

Love your siblings, cheer for them, learn from them. And that’s all.

Oh yeah and read this.


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