Will I Lose My Faith At Harvard? | Ask Angela

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I read your BYU article a few weeks ago; I’m in the same predicament. I’m LDS but Harvard University has always been my dream, not BYU. But, I know east coast schools don’t have a lot of members of the church and I don’t want to risk losing my testimony just go to a fancy school. Advice?

High schooler

Dear High schooler: 

Real talk: You can lose your faith or keep your faith anywhere – geography is just a detail (I really, really believe that.) The principles are the same: read your scriptures, attend your meetings, and keep the commandments. If you do that you can go anywhere.

Plus maybe you’ll become friends with these people.



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One thought on “Will I Lose My Faith At Harvard? | Ask Angela

  1. This is so true! I grew up with two girls who went to BYU and they both became atheists (they used to be very active and would always state their faith/testimony to others).

    I, on the other hand, was not very religious growing up and did not go to BYU, but found my faith in college because I decided I wanted to be more spiritual.

    It’s a choice! Doubt your doubts when they arise.
    And also I would recommend watching “God’s not dead.” It’s not a LDS movie, but I think you would like it for this situation.

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