Living At Home With Mormon Parents; It’s Not Working | Ask Angela

photo credit: google images
photo credit: google images

Dear Angela

For financial reasons I’ve decided to live at home. I’m no longer a religious person and I’d like my parents to respect my lifestyle choices. However, my mom continues to invite me to church, share “spiritual thoughts” and look at me askance if I return from a night out with even a whiff of alcohol on my breath – it’s annoying and borderline disrespectful. I know I’m living at home but I am an adult and would like my parents to be more accepting of my new life. How can I get my parents to change their behavior so we can live more harmoniously?


Not a Teenager Anymore


Dear Not A Teenager Anymore,

You know in Aladdin where Jafar wishes to be a genie so he can be all powerful and Aladdin’s like, “You want it? You got it! And everything that goes with it!” So, Jafar gets his wish to be a genie, but he also has to live inside of a really tiny lamp (not what he wanted, but it’s all part of the package.)

This is kind of like that. You’re living at home so you’re cutting costs (woohoo!) but you don’t have the same autonomy that comes from living on your own (boo) but that’s the trade-off. It’s unrealistic to try to change how your parents live in their own house. Love them for helping you out, use the discomfort to propel you forward.

Love, Angela

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