Man Gets His Life Together; Friends Don’t like it; “He’s Changed” | Ask Angela

Change is good, keep friendship alive!
Change is good, keep friendship alive!

I used to live a rough life. It’s been about a year now and I’m finally going back to church, being there for my kid, and keeping a steady job. It’s been tough but I’m proud of myself, and it’s the first time I’m really able to say that. I’ve got 2 friends who are like brothers to me and they’re not feeling too happy about me changin’ on ‘em. They keep saying stuff like, “we knew you’d change” “you’re not the same dude” etc., I’m not really trying to spend time with these guys anymore because it’s not what it used to be. What could I say to them to help them see things from my perspective and accept the new me?


Dear GodB4Bros,

Tell them of course you’ve changed, you’ve worked too hard and the stakes were too high for you to just stay the same. Your kid? Your God? You felt like they deserved a better version of you – if your friends are really brothers they’ll come around.



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