This Engagement Is A Fake, Please Stop Lying | Ask Angela


My coworker bought herself an engagement ring and is telling everyone that this guy named “Michael” who she has been “dating” for 7 years “proposed” to her. It’s a lie. She’s had that ring for at least a year and she originally told me she found it on the floor of a Cracker Barrel. (In hindsight I don’t know if that version of the story is true, either.) I want to confront her – but I’m not sure how. What’s a good way to say, “Hey your fiancé is imaginary and so are your upcoming nuptuals!”


Dear Coworker, 



 Yeah, people usually lie like that when they are unhappy and lonely. Either leave her alone…the lie will unravel on it’s own, or reach out and see if some real attention from a real human being will help soothe whatever is making her sad/crazy.

But also be careful.




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