Why Won’t My Pastor Speak To Me At Church? | Ask Angela


My pastor doesn’t speak to me. I come into church and he’s holding court with everyone, shaking their hands, and patting them on the back while I go unnoticed. How can I trust someone to be my spiritual leader when he can’t even say hello? I know I can’t be the only person who has ever felt this way. Advice?



Dear HelloPolice,

I really like your sign-off name and I’d like to volunteer to join this particular police force. 🙂 Saying hello is one of the easiest/best ways to develop new and strengthen current relationships.

Share your thoughts with your Pastor, he probably doesn’t even realize his lack of speaking is upsetting you. So a simple, “Pastor, we don’t speak to each other on a regular basis and I’d like to change that” should do the trick.




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